[Announcement] Guild League Guide: New Season Gameplay and Rule


🔥The new season's gameplay of the Guild League is here🔥
Dear adventurers:
The Guild League is here!
We have prepared this beginner's guide to the new season's gameplay for everyone.
Let's take a look together!
The new season's Guild League does not have main and sub battlefields.
All members enter the same Guild League scene.
Adventurers will engage in 5v5 team battles.
At 20:57 during the preparation phase, the two guilds will first engage in a vanguard battle.
Each guild only has one vanguard team.
Guild officers need to arrange members in the team deployment in advance and set up the vanguard team.
Please remind officers to set the guild's strongest members as the vanguard team.
The winning vanguard team will receive a certain essence reward.
Essence can be used by guild officers to release commander skills in battle scenes.
In addition, the Guild League will officially begin at 21:00.
At this time, each team of adventurers will be led by the leader to move around in the scene, and team members cannot leave and must follow along.
The leader can choose to challenge an opposing team within the scene, and the challenge cannot be refused.
The two teams will be teleported to a small arena to engage in a 5v5 combat.
In team combat, each player has three opportunities to be revived. When killed, they will automatically be revived after five seconds.
Adventurers who have used up all their revives will not be able to be revived again.
The team without any remaining revives will be judged as a loss.
If both sides have remaining revives when the time ends, the side with more revives will win.
If the number of revives is the same, then the side with highest damage done will win.
⚠ [#Special Note] ⚠
  1. Players revived by a team member's resurrection skill will not have their revive opportunities deducted. Adding a healer to the team is a good choice.
  2. The winning team will earn a large amount of points for its guild. The guild with higher points in the end will win.
  3. In addition to the opposing team, there are monsters in the scene that respawn every five minutes. The monsters are neutral units, and both sides can challenge the monsters. Defeating monsters can provide the guild with a small amount of points and extra essence. The proper use of essential skills is also a key to winning.
Another important concept in the Guild League is operation points:
Everyone starts with 1000 operation points.
When players form a team, the sum of all members' operation points is counted as the team's operation points.
When initiating a challenge or failing a challenge, the team's operation points will be deducted.
When deducting the team's operation points, the total amount will be divided among each member of the team.
Adventurers with no remaining operation points will be turned into a Horong and unable to continue challenging or being challenged.
Therefore, adventurers are encouraged to form a team of five to participate in the gameplay as much as possible, in order to avoid being eliminated quickly.
Remember to remind the guild officers to set up the guild teams in advance.
⚠ [#Special Note] ⚠
In order to prevent malicious avoidance of combat, when players voluntarily exit the league scene, they will be automatically removed from the team as well and lose 500 operation points.
Adventurers are encouraged to fully prepare themselves in advance in order to avoid operations that may affect the gaming experience negatively.
❓ [Q&A] ❓
We have assembled some possible questions and answers for everyone. Let's learn about the detailed rules together!
🔰Can members who are not arranged be challenged? Can they initiate challenges?
The team arrangement is only a function for the guild officers to command conveniently. Except for the vanguard teams, which need to participate in the vanguard team combat, the other members are not required to form a team according to the team arrangement! Members who are not arranged can also form their own teams and enter the guild league.
🔰How to initiate a challenge and what are the requirements?
When the team leader is present in the scene, the interface will display the rotating wheel of nearby hostile players and the challenge button. The team leader can select a target by clicking on the player or by selecting the target from the rotating wheel. After selecting a target, the team leader can click on the [Start a Challenge] button to start the challenge.
After each challenge, players will have a period of protection with a shield surrounding them. For players who are currently in a challenge, two crossed swords will appear above their heads.
In order to initiate a challenge, the selected target must be within an 8-meter range and not in a protected state or currently engaged in a challenge.
🔰Can the winning team keep playing?
Initiating a challenge on an opposing team or a monster team will deduct operation points from the challenging team. Losing a challenge will also deduct action points. Teams with operation points can move and initiate challenges in the scene.
🔰Can you reject a challenge?
A challenge cannot be rejected, and players leaving the scene voluntarily will lose operation points.
🔰Will operation points be deducted from the challenged team?
No, only the team that initiates the challenge will have operation points deducted.
🔰Will the challenged team receive points if they win?
Both the challenging team and the challenged team can receive points as long as they win.
🔰How to initiate a challenge against monsters?
On both sides of the map, there are symmetrical monster respawn points, and players can check the monster spawning situation through the mini-map. When a monster appears, the first team to challenge the monster will be teleported into the monster's challenge scene. At this time, the monster will enter the challenge mode, and other players cannot challenge the monster until the first challenger's challenge is over. If the challenge is successful, the monster will die. If the challenge fails, the monster will continue to live in the scene and can be challenged by other teams. Teams who wish to challenge the monster can wait near the spawn point in advance.
There are still many interesting details in the gameplay for adventurers to discover on their own.
Get ready for the brand new season of the Guild League!