• Q. I can’t install the game!

    Please check the following:
    1. Check that your mobile device has enough storage available.
    2. Check that your internet connection is normal and stable.
    3. Remove any prior installation of the game and restart your device. Then try to install the game again.

  • Q. How can I bind my account?

    If you’re using a guest account, your game data might be lost when the app is removed or you are logged out. We highly recommend that you bind your account using one of the following methods:

    [First Login]
      1. Choose to log in using your Google / Apple / Facebook account.
      2. Tap the game Start button and select a server
      3. Enjoy the game ^^

    [Binding an Existing Guest Account]
      1. On the opening screen, tap the “Account” button on the top left.
      2. Select an account you wish to link to your game account.

    [Changing Account]
      1. Go back to the server selection screen.
      2. Tap the “Account” button at the top left and log out.
      3. Upon logging in, select an external account you’d like to use for the game.
      If you encounter an issue while binding an account, please contact our customer service.

  • Q. I didn’t buy anything but my credit card has been charged with $1!

    When you make a purchase via your device for the first time, Google or Apple may charge you around $1 just to verify your credit card.
    The $1, however, will be canceled automatically afterward and it won’t be charged.
    As this verification process is directly handled by Google or Apple, please follow the below URL to contact them for any questions.

    [Google Playstore Customer Service]

    [Apple Appstore Customer Service]

  • Q. Where can I check my character ID?

    Your character ID is needed to redeem coupons and join events. Here’s how to find it:

      1. Tap the character profile.

      2.Check the ID right beside your character name & class.

    Please remember these steps so you can use your ID to join future events and redeem coupons!

  • Q. I cannot start or access the game!

    First, please check our official website for any server-related announcements. (e.g. server maintenance, etc.)
    If there is no server issue and you still cannot access the game, try the following steps:
       1. Ensure that your mobile device meets the minimum requirements to run the game.
       2. Check your internet connection.
       3. Delete the app, reboot your device and reinstall the game.
    ※ Please note that guest accounts may lose all play data after deleting the app, so make sure to bind your account first!

  • Q. I forgot my ID and password!

    All non-guest accounts for Ragnarok Origin are bound to either Google, Facebook, or Apple.
    However, we cannot provide any help with the lost account as all bound account information is stored as encrypted.
    Please contact the platform directly regarding the account matter.




  • Q. Where can I check the Terms of Service?

    You can check the Terms of Service in the page below: