[PatchNote] Patch Notes for the March 13th, 2023 Update


Greetings Midgardians,

We will have server maintenance from:
Mar.13 11pm ~ Mar.14 11am PDT

■ Maintenance details:

There will be a Server Merge conducted after the upcoming maintenance on March 14th.
Through recent surveys and suggestions from our players, a server merge was decided in order to help produce a smoother game experience for adventurers by improving matchmaking and participation in party and guild events.
Angeling and Deviling will be merged, and Poring and Ghostring will be merged. However, the Mastering server is relatively new compared to other servers, and its server level is not as high compared to other servers, so it will be unaffected.

A Server Merge does not mean that your current server will disappear, but instead, the two servers will be linked together. For example, if you log into Angeling and someone else into Deviling, you two will be able to meet each other in-game. As such, adventurers can continue to log in with the same process they are used to.

Here are some extra details concerning the server merge:

- All data for Angeling and Deviling are integrated together, and all data for Poring and Ghostring are integrated together, but their server names and methods of joining remain unchanged. Mastering server is unaffected.
- If there is the same character name on both servers, the player who logs in first does not need to change the character name, but the player who logs in second gets the opportunity to change their character name.
- If there is the same guild name on both servers, both guilds will receive the opportunity to change the guild name, and only the guild master can change the name.
- After the server merge, all rankings on Leaderboard will be reset. Once the score is updated, the ranking will be added on the Leaderboard.
- After the server merge, each castle in the War of Emperium event will be empty and the guild league and guild league rankings will be reset.
- As guild league rankings are reset, War of Peak will be delayed by one week.
- Some in-game events were closed on March 12th due to the server merging.
- Ongoing events such as Bingo and Guild Gathering will be finished earlier than listed on the planned schedule.
- The scheduled event, MVP Fever, has been canceled.
- Please complete and claim rewards of the Bingo event in advance.
- Prizes for Guild Gathering were supposed to be claimed from March 16th, but the event was closed on March 12th. Therefore, prizes for all stages for Guild Gathering will be sent after maintenance on March 14th.

We hope that by bringing players from other worlds together, it will provide a platform for new friendships to be made and easier communication between friends. We thank you for your interest and participation, and we will continue to do our best to listen to the feedback of our adventurers and provide a stable game service!

Limited-Time Events

(1)Treasure Hunter
Duration: 2023/03/27 05:00:00~2023/04/03 04:59:59
Content: Become a Treasure Hunter and discover treasures hidden in the mysterious monsters. There’s a chance to find surprise rewards as well!
Available for: Base level 35 or above

(2)Cat Hand Caravan 2x Rewards
Duration: 2023/03/27 05:00:00~2023/04/03 04:59:59
Content: Participate in Cat Hand Caravan and enjoy 2 times rewards during the event.
Available for: Base level 45 or above

(3)Desire for Combat
Duration:2023/03/24 05:00:00~2023/03/27 04:59:59
Content: Get extra Monster Annihilation time and battle time during the event.

(4)Endless Challenge
Duration: 2023/03/20 05:00:00~2023/03/27 04:59:59
Content: Participating in Endless Tower grants extra Eden Coins, and there is a chance to receive gift packs.

(5)Veins Strategic Battle
Duration: 2023/03/20 05:00:00~2023/03/27 04:59:59
Content: Join Veins Strategic Battle! Defend your faction to earn salt pillar shards and event points.
Requirement: Base level 55 or above

(6)Super Extreme Challenge
Duration: 2023/03/27 05:00:00~2023/04/03 04:59:59
Content: Get 50% more of the basic reward (Eden Coin). After completing the challenge, there is a chance to receive surprise gift bags.
Available for: Base level 40 or above

(7)5x Commission EXP Revelry
Duration: 2023/03/20 05:00:00~2023/03/27 04:59:59
Content: Players Lv.16 or above can spend up to 80 commission tickets, and receive bonus BASE and JOB EXP during the event.
Available for: Base level 16 or above

(8)Battle Buffet
Duration: 2023/03/27 05:00:00~2023/04/03 04:59:59
Content: There is a chance to get recovery items by hunting down monsters during the event.
Requirement: Base level 30 or above


- Increased effect of Battle Horn in Time-Space Abnormality.
- Adjusted the entry level for Alfheim to 40, and optimized the reward content.
- Optimized the time and compensation rewards of Battlefield, Battle of Yggdrasil solo, and Guild Expedition.
- Fixed the abnormal display of offline members' portraits
- Fixed the issue that team members could not apply for the team leader even though the team leader is AFK