[PatchNote] Patch Notes for the February 27th, 2023 Update


📢 Greetings Midgardians,

We will have server maintenance from:
Feb.27 11pm ~ Feb.28 4am PST

📜Here are the patch notes:

Maintenance Time:
PST Time:Feb 27 23:00 to Feb 28 04:00

New Content

(1)Hell Helheim
A new dungeon of Hell Helheim with new challenges and battle experience has come to the Midgard Continent. Team up with your friends and take on the challenge!
Hell Helheim’s new feature “affixes” will add positive effects to the monsters and BOSS in the dungeon which increases the danger!

Clear the level within the required time to get battle points. The shorter your clear time, the higher your points. At the end of a level, you can skip levels according to your performance score.

The higher the level, the more difficult it will be, and more powerful affixes will become available. Completing higher levels gives better rewards.
There are multiple difficulties in Hell Helheim, and you can choose the next difficulty only if you have passed all levels of the current difficulty
The number of times for clear rewards will be refreshed weekly.

Requirement: Base level 80 or above
Number of participants: 3 to 5

(2)Return of the Gods - Odin Cup
Duration: 2023/3/2 5:00 - 2023/3/11 4:59
Among all the guilds participating in the War of Peak, 32 guilds are selected to participate in the competition.
Contenders will compete according to the tournament schedule until there is a champion guild of Odin Cup.
Participating guilds will receive generous rewards. The champion guild will receive epic rewards!

(3)New Cards
New MVP illusion cards are now available. You can get card fragments by participating in MVP kills, and then use these fragments to exchange for MVP illusion cards. You also have a chance to get MVP illusion cards in Hell Helheim!

New illusion cards such as Hydra Illusion Card and Skel Worker Illusion Card can be redeemed in Guild Vending Machine, Academy Store, Union Shop, and Courage Shop through daily events.

(4)Build Laboratory

We have added a new feature called Build Laboratory. You can research the main genres of your jobs in BD Laboratory, and then test the combat performance of your builds through the exclusive training grounds provided in the laboratory.

New Pets: Divine Rabbit Huanhuan, Pixiu, Qilin
Legend has it that the blessed and loving pet Huanhuan has appeared in multiple forms, and its greatest joy is to accompany you in the form of a young girl.
The epic pet Pixiu, which loves gold, looks powerful and fierce, but is actually lively and cute, and will protect your treasures well.
The majestic and awe-inspiring epic pet Qilin is actually quite gentle and likes to be petted on the head for good luck!

Duration: 2023/02/28 05:00:00~2023/03/21 04:59:59

▶Cute Pet Trial◀

Duration: 2023/02/28 05:00:00~2023/03/21 04:59:59

Fight side by side with Huanhuan and experience the powerful skills of each of its forms! Players can also receive rewards for the first successful clear.
Limited-Time Events

(1)Super Extreme Challenge
Duration: 2023/03/05 05:00:00~2023/03/13 04:59:59
Content: During the event, you will get 50% more of the basic reward (Eden Coin). After completing the challenge, there is a chance to get surprise gift bags.
Available for: Base level 40 or above

(2)Battle Buffet
Duration: 2023/03/05 05:00:00~2023/03/13 04:59:59
Content: During the event, there is a chance to get recovery items by hunting down monsters.
Requirement: Base level 30 or above

(3)Operation Commission
Duration: 2023/03/06 05:00:00~2023/03/13 04:59:59
Content: During the event, your daily limit of Commission Tickets is increased by 20 tickets (refreshed at 5:00 daily)
Available for: The Commission feature is unlocked

(4)Guild Gathering
Duration: 2023/03/06 05:00:00~2023/03/16 04:59:59
Content: During the event, complete daily quests, participate in guild events, donate various items, enhance the guild cohesion, and finally win generous rewards! At the same time, there are wonderful ranking rewards waiting for you!
Requirement: Base level 25 or above

(5)Operation Union
Duration: 2023/03/13 05:00:00~2023/03/20 04:59:59
Content: During the event, assisting other players will reward you an additional 50% Proofs of Union.
Available for: Base level 20 or above

(6)MVP Fever
Duration: 2023/03/13 05:00:00~2023/03/20 04:59:59
Content: You can get additional MVP gift packs from MVP kills during the event . The refresh time of MVPs is shortened from 120 minutes to 90 minutes. The daily MVP participation rewards/team rewards is increased from 5 to 7.
Available for: Base level 25 or above

(7)Malangdo Supply
Duration: 2023/03/13 05:00:00~2023/03/21 04:59:59
Content: During the event, you can select which item to receive the next day by talking to NPCs. The longer you’re online, the better your rewards will be!
Available for: Base level 25 or above


- Lowered the point requirement for participation rewards of Guild League Match. Now you can receive participation rewards by simply staying in the Guild League Match scene for 5 minutes.
- The participation rewards of Guild Expedition, Guild League Match, and Time-Space Abnormality now have a chance to drop materials for King Statue parts.
- Added a preview function for card awakening effects.
- Increased the level cap for Medal of Honor.
- Increased the level cap for the orange statue.
- Increased the level cap for Valkyrie Feathers.
- Increased the level cap for mount abilities.

- Fixed an issue with the 'Gift' feature where the recipient of the gift was not receiving the blessing message from the giver.
- Fixed an issue with abnormal chat in the guild chat channel.