[PatchNote] Patch Notes for the February 13th, 2023 Update


Greetings Midgardians,
We will have server maintenance from:
Feb.13 11pm ~ Feb.14 3am PST

📜 Here are the patch notes:
New Content

MVP Elite Summon
A new MVP play mechanic has arrived in Midgard Continent!

Participating in hunting MVPs will increase MVP Summoning Progress. When the summoning progress reaches 100%, an elite MVP, that is guaranteed to drop MVP cards, will be successfully summoned!

Now is your time to get MVP cards! Work together to help summon elite MVPs and strengthen yourself with amazing cards!

MVP drops will be available in an auction system, and all adventurers that participated in the kill will receive a dividend!

Valkyrie Statue - Red Statue
Introducing the Red Statue King of Valkyrie! With the appearance of the statue of the King of Valkyrie Brynhild, all adventurers are bestowed with a powerful new combat skill - Wings of the End.

MVP Card Adjustments
This update will raise the quality of some MVP cards to red quality and increase the strength of other MVP cards.

Limited-Time Events

(1)Desire for Combat
Duration: 2023/02/24 05:00:00 - 2023/02/27 04:59:59
Content: Get extra Monster Annihilation time and battle time during the event.
Requirement: Base level 30 or above

(2)Operation Union
Duration: 2023/02/20 05:00:00 - 202302/27 04:59:59
Content: Assist other players and get an additional 100% Proofs of Union.
Requirement: Base level 20 or above

(3) Veins Strategic Battle
Duration: 2023/02/20 05:00:00 - 2023/02/27 04:59:59. Every Day 21:30--23:30;
Content: Join Veins Strategic Battle, defend your faction to earn salt pillar shards and event points.
Requirement: Base level 55 or above

Duration: 2023/02/27 05:00:00 - 2023/03/13 04:59:59
Content: Get digit chests through daily quests, light up digits to complete a BINGO. The more BINGOs you complete, the more generous the reward will be! You can also give the extra digits to your friends!
Available for: Base level 16 or above

(5)Deviruchi’s Offer
Duration: 2023/02/27 05:00:00 - 2023/03/06 04:59:59
Content: You can get five additional limited-time Deviruchi Vouchers per day during the event (can be used within seven days after the end of the event).
Requirement: Base level 30 or above

(6)Battle Buffet
Duration: 2023/02/20 05:00:00 - 2023/02/27 04:59:59
Content: During the event, there is a chance to get recovery items by hunting down monsters.
Requirement: Base level 30 or above

(7)MVP Fever
Duration: 2023/02/27 05:00:00 - 2023/03/06 04:59:59
Content: You can get additional MVP gift packs from MVP kills during the event. Hunt MVPs more often with shortened refresh times from 120 minutes down to 90 minutes. Daily MVP participation rewards and team rewards are increased from five to seven!
Available for: Base level 25 or above

(8)Valkyrie’s Favor
Duration: 2023/02/27 05:00:00 - 2023/03/06 04:59:59
Content: During the event, you can respawn without using respawn items.
Available for: All players


Optimized the issue that some monsters in the field are respawned too fast.
Optimized backpack guidance.
Reduced the number of people in the guild auction from 20 to 10.
Optimized the display of the Returning interface.