[PatchNote] Patch Notes for the October 24th, 2022 Update


Greetings Midgardians, From 10/24/2022 at 23:00 to 10/25/2022 at 06:00 (PDT) we will conduct a server maintenance.

📢Here are the patch notes for your perusal:

New Content:

(1) The Guild League Matches
- Guild event that is available three times a week. Guilds are matched based on their ranks. The format of this event is two guilds fighting against each other.
- The league is divided into segments, with a minimum of 6 segments and 8 guilds in each segment. Guilds are ranked based on the results of three matches per week and the rank is adjusted once a week according.
- Introduction:
1) It is divided into the main battlefield and the secondary battlefield. Only guild elites can enter the main battlefield and the maximum number of people is 40. There is no requirement for the secondary battlefield.
2) The main battlefield is more competitive. Players compete over points for victory. The secondary battlefield is less competitive and provides BUFF for the main battlefield.
3) Main battlefield: there are three turrets, the guild that has more people near the turret controls it. Each guild can deal damage to the enemy by dominating turrets, controlling turrets, killing monsters and BOSS. Each guild has 3,000 HP. The guild that first reaches 0 HP loses.
4) Secondary battlefield: there are five monster respawn points. Killing monsters provides BUFF for the main battlefield. There will be BOSS respawned over time and killing BOSS provides skills for the main battlefield.

(2) Valkyrie Statue
- Adventurers can unlock [Valkyrie Statue] system after reaching level 70. Completing the guidance quest to unlock the system.
- Adventurers can use the materials to activate and upgrade the statues to gain attribute bonuses.

Limited-Time Events:

Halloween limited-time events:
① The Devil's Shadow Returns
- Duration: 2022/10/17 5:00:00 ~ 2022/11/07 4:59:59
- Content: During the event, adventurers can participate in the battle through solo matchmaking. One adventurer out of the 5 person team will get the power from MVP and become the boss of the map. This adventurer needs to defeat all other adventurers within 3 minutes, while the other adventurers need to work together to survive and defeat the MVP.
- Requirement: Base level 25 and above

② Kill monsters and complete daily commissions to obtain Halloween event materials
- Duration: 2022/10/31 5:00:00 ~ 2022/11/07 4:59:59
- Content: During the event, adventurers will get candies and Halloween Commemorative Coins and other materials when completing daily commissions and auto-farming. Adventurers can use the candies and other materials to participate in Halloween events for surprising rewards!
- Requirement: All players

③Trick or treat
- Duration: 2022/10/31 5:00:00 ~ 2022/11/07 4:59:59
- Content: During the event, adventurers can consume candies to interact with the event NPC. Give them candies for rewards and there is a chance to get extra rewards!
- Requirement: All players

④ Flower Cart
- Duration: 2022/10/31 5:00:00 ~ 2022/11/07 4:59:59
- Content: During the event, there will be a parade cart every night for a limited time, and it will drop surprising rewards during the parade!
- Requirement: All players

⑤ Halloween Terror
- Duration: 2022/10/31 22:05:00 ~ 2022/10/31 22:30:00
- Content: On Halloween night, players can participate for surprise rewards!
- Requirement: All players

⑥ Halloween Lottery
- Duration: 2022/10/31 5:00:00 ~ 2022/11/14 4:59:59
- Content:
1) Open Halloween Lottery event: Each reward can only be drawn once.
2) There are a total of six prize pools, each is corresponding to a grand prize and a number of smaller prizes.
3) Each reward can only be drawn once. After a reward is drawn, the chance of getting the remaining rewards increases.
4) There is a probability of drawing one mount fragment from each prize pool, and players can synthesize six fragments into a mount.
5) The mouth accessory and face accessory prize pool can be drawn twice for free. The headgear accessory can be drawn once for free.
- Requirement: Base level 25 and above

⑦ Costume Merchant
- Duration: 2022/10/27 12:00:00 ~ 2022/11/07 4:59:59
- Content: During the event period, the Costume Merchant will visit Prontera. Adventures can use Zeny to rent limited-time awesome costumes there!
- Requirement: All players

(2)Battle Buffet
- Duration: 2022/11/7 5:00:00 ~ 2022/11/14 4:59:59
- Content: During the event period, there is a chance to get recovery items by hunting down monsters.
- Requirement: All players

(3)Operation Union
- Duration: 2022/11/7 5:00:00 ~ 2022/11/14 4:59:59
- Content: During the event, assisting other players will reward you an additional 50% Proofs of Union.
- Requirement: Base level 20 and above

Job Balance

- Burst Claw:
New additional effect: The percentage attack effect attached to Burst Claw is increased. Gain a total of 200% increase at the maximum skill level.

(2)Lord Knight
- Frenzy:
Skill effect adjustment: The relative defense reduced by the skill was adjusted downward, and the relative defense reduction was adjusted to 50% at the maximum level. The time of being unable to restore HP and SP naturally after the skill ends is adjusted downward to 20 seconds in PVP scenarios and 180 seconds in other PVE scenarios.
- Joint Beat:
Skill multiplier adjustment: the skill damage multiplier at the maximum is increased to 350%.
- Aura Blade:
New additional effect: Gain additional physical damage bonus during the duration of the skill, gaining a total of 10% physical damage bonus at the maximum level.
- Concentration:
Skill multiplier adjustment: the physical attack bonus at the maximum level is increased to 30%.

- Life Fusion :
Skill multiplier adjustment: Increase the attack of Homunculus to 50%.
- Bioethics :
Skill multiplier adjustment: Increase the HP of Homunculus to 50%.

- Gloria Domini :
Skill effect adjustment: the slow effect caused by the skill is increased to 40%.
- Concentrate Pierce :
Added additional effect: For every 500 Max HP, increase the multiplier of this skill by 1%.

(5)Bard and Dancer
- Puppet Dance:
Skill duration adjustment: increase the duration of puppet to 15s
- Fantasy Music :
Skill multiplier adjustment: the damage and healing effect bonus per stack of Fantasy Note is increased to 5%.

- High Speed Cart Ram:Adjusted the Eden coin consumption of the skill.

Items Adjustment
- Blue Gemstone: reduce the price to 500
- Bottle Grenade and Acid Bottle: reduce the weight to 0.
- Adding sockets adjustment: Adjust two-handed weapons to 3 sockets and shields to 2 sockets.

Guild Auction Items Adjustment
- Auction item for the new S pet - Fire Lord. Adventurers can collect Fire Lord fragments to exchange for the new S pet Fire Lord.
※ ※ The specific effect and price can be found in game.

RO Shop Items adjustment
- RO Shop has added Statue materials.
- RO Shop has added Halloween limited items in the appearance selling tag.
※ ※ The specific effect and price can be found in game.


- Optimized the camera zoom display.
The camera view now is not abnormally shifted when the character moves.
The camera view now is not abnormally zoomed when the character moves.
- Costume interface action optimization
Now clicking on the character in Wardrobe and Wishing will display the character's costume action with the current costume.
- Friend function optimization
Now requires mutual consent to add friends.
New group chat function. Adventurers can invite friends for group chat.
- Dismantling function optimization
Now you can filter the items in your backpack by categories such as quality and then dismantle them quickly.
- Backpack optimization
Now adventurers can click on the item in the backpack to jump to the corresponding shop to buy it.
- Guild auction optimization
Added new description text to help adventurers clearly understand the requirements to open guild auction.
Optimized the page display mechanism. When players open the auction, it will automatically jump to the current auction in progress, and if there is no auction in progress, it will jump to the guild dividends.
- Optimized the art of the limited-time portrait frames of weekly power ranking.
- Card insert function optimization
Optimized the Eden coin consumption
Add the display of the remaining time of limited time cards.
- Card Promotion Optimization
Optimized the artwork of the card promotion interface.
Optimized the card sorting during card promotion.
- Card description optimization
When a card is acquired, its card attributes and card book collection attributes will be displayed.
- Fixed the problem that auto-follow quests do not trigger auto-battle.
- Fixed the issue of the reward panel’s abnormal display during MVP settlement.
- Fixed the problem of some items not working.