[Notice] Important Notice Regarding Tesla Giveaway Event


[Notice] Revision of the Winner Selection and Notification Process for the Tesla Model S Giveaway Event

Revision Date 06/10/22

GRAVITY is selecting a winner of the "GIVEAWAY EVENT" to win Tesla Model S. All players who had pre-registered from Aug. 10, 2021 to Nov. 14, 2021 had been automatically entered into a giveaway event. 

GRAVITY has selected a number of winners, but all selected winners have been disqualified for not replying back to GRAVITY within the requisite specified time period. Therefore, we have revised the process for winner selection and notification, which is effective on October 10, 2022.


Effective October 10, 2022, GRAVITY will select a primary winner and nine (9) alternate winners in a random sequential order from all eligible entries received. GRAVITY will notify the primary winner and 9 alternate winners by their registered email addresses.  Failure to reply by email to GRAVITY within seven (7) days from the notification date will result in disqualification from the contest. If the primary winner timely replies to claim the prize, the primary winner will be awarded the prize. If the primary winner is disqualified, the first alternate winner will be awarded the prize. If the first alternate winner also is disqualified, the second alternate winner will be awarded the prize (if disqualified, this process will be repeated with the next alternate winner). If no primary winner or alternate winner replies back to GRAVITY within the seven-day time period, GRAVITY will repeat this selection and notification process until the prize is claimed.


We may require you to provide us with personal information and certain other information including social security number and driverโ€™s license number to determine whether you are a qualified winner. GRAVITY shall not be liable for a winnerโ€™s failure to receive notices due to a winnerโ€™s email or security settings or for winnerโ€™s provision of incorrect or otherwise non-functioning email.