[Notice] Patch Note on September 26th 2022


Greetings Midgardians, From 9/26/2022 at 23:00 to 9/27/2022 at 08:00 (PDT) we will conduct a server maintenance.

๐Ÿ“ขHere are the patch notes for your perusal:

New Content:

Time-Space Abnormality

-Because of Huginn's failed dimensional jumping, monsters of the disordered time-space have appeared in Midgard. Since these monsters are too powerful, only adventurers who have joined a guild can challenge them through the Gate of Time-Space.
-Due to the instability of the gate, each challenge will last 40 seconds, with an interval of 180 seconds between each challenge.
To better challenge the monsters, each adventurer can take up to 4 pets with them into the challenge. A suitable team is the key to getting a high score.
-Challenge points will be calculated after the challenge according to the damage dealt. Challenge points will be accumulated, and guild points will be the sum of all personal points.
-After the event, individual challenge rewards and the guild auction rewards will be distributed according to the ranking of the player's personal points in the guild and the guild's overall ranking.

Guild Expedition

-During each Guild Expedition, MVPs will be spawned in different maps for challenge.
-Each map has three Monster Hunt Sites, and two of them will spawn MVPs for challenge at certain times.
-Rewards are calculated by ranking the percentage of damage dealt on each MVP. Making the final blow to the MVP will increase the damage percentage by 10%.
-Rewards are calculated independently for each MVP, and all rewards will enter the guild auction after the event. The more participants, the higher the cap will be.
-There is a maximum number of people per map. When the map reaches a crowded state, resurrected players will be sent to the capital city of the corresponding job.

Guild Auction

--Significantly optimized the guild auction. The function entrance has been moved from the guild interface to the main interface.
Guild auction items are yielded through the guild event. The items will be sent to the guild auction house after the event.
-Auction House will open after the guild event, and is open to all guild members.
-After the guild auction is over, all members who have participated in the guild event can get generous dividends on the auction dividends page. The higher the guild transaction rate is, the more dividends every member can get. The amount each participant can get cannot be higher than 2% of the total dividends. Unclaimed dividends will be delivered through mails.
-Unsold items from the guild auction will be sent to the world auction and become available for all adventurers within the server.
-Adventurers who just joined the guild will need to wait 30 minutes before they can participate in the auction.

Power System

-New power system and power ranking.
The composition of the power system comes from the various aspects of adventurer's development, including adventurer's level, gears, cogwheels, mounts, etc.
-All adventurers participating in the power system ranking will be ranked according to the number of their power, and the top-ranked adventurers will receive special rewards.
-Adventurers can choose not to participate in the power ranking in the settings.

Valkyrie Feather

-After adventurers reach level 45, [Valkyrie Feather] system will be available. Complete the guidance quest [Break Down Valkyrie Feather] to open the feather system.
-Wear feathers on the Valkyrie statue to get attribute enhancements. A total of 9 statues are available so far.
-The main methods of acquiring feathers in the game are: Helheim, Guild Expedition, Guild Auction, Guild Vending Machine, Feather Shop and RO Shop.

Emblem System

-Adventurers will unlock the [Emblem] system after reaching level 27. Upgrading the emblem will increase the character's power as well as gain basic attributes (basic attributes include: ATK, MATK, Max HP).
-When playing against a player, deal additional damage effects to players with a lower emblem level than yourself; deal reduced damage effects to players with a higher emblem level than yourself.

Accessory Cards

-New accessory insert card function.
-Accessory cards can be acquired from Guild Expedition and through Trade.

Alfheim Dungeon

-Adventurers will face a series of progressively more difficult levels and need to defeat all enemies within the time limit. Every 5 levels will have more powerful monsters, and accordingly, the reward for completing the challenge will be more generous.
-Adventurers can carry up to four pets to fight with them. Two of the pets are vanguards and can be deployed directly after entering the battle. The remaining two are backups and will be deployed immediately when a vanguard is defeated in battle.
-When adventurers pass a level for the first time, they can receive the corresponding first-time pass reward once. In addition, adventurers can also skip once a day to receive skip rewards.

Limited-Time Events:

๏ผˆ1๏ผ‰Helheim Racing

-Duration: 2022/10/3 5:00:00 ~ 2022/10/10 4:59:59
-Content: During the event, there will be a Helheim Challenge ranking. The shorter the time, the higher the ranking. There are many rewards to be redeemed!
-Requirement: Base level 45 or above

๏ผˆ2๏ผ‰Commission EXP Revelry

-Duration: 2022/10/3 5:00:00 - 2022/10/11 4:59:59
-Content: Earn extra EXP from commission quests during the event.
-Requirement: Base level 40 or above

๏ผˆ3๏ผ‰Battle Buffet

-Duration: 2022/10/3 5:00:00 ~ 2022/10/10 4:59:59
-Content: During the event period, there is a chance to get recovery items by hunting down monsters.
-Requirement: All players

๏ผˆ4๏ผ‰Evil Invasion

-Duration: 2022/10/10 5:00:00 ~ 2022/10/17 4:59:59
-Content: During the event, evil monsters invade the surroundings of Prontera. Complete the event quests to collect reports and improve the server defense level. Prepare for the final day of the evil invasion!
-Requirement: Base level 55 or above

๏ผˆ5๏ผ‰Super Extreme Challenge

-Duration: 2022/10/10 5:00:00 ~ 2022/10/17 4:59:59
-Content: During the event period, you will receive 50% more of the basic reward (Eden Coin). After completing the challenge, there is a chance to receive surprise gift bags.
-Requirement: Base level 40 or above

๏ผˆ6๏ผ‰Deviruchiโ€™s Offer

-Duration: 2022/10/10 5:00:00 ~ 2022/10/17 4:59:59
-Content: You can get 5 additional limited-time Deviruchi Vouchers per day during the event (can be used within 7 days after the end of the event).
-Requirement: Base level 30 or above

๏ผˆ7๏ผ‰Desire for Combat

-Duration: 2022/10/14 5:00:00 ~ 2022/10/17 4:59:59
-Content: Extra Monster Annihilation time and battle time during the event.
-Requirement: Base level 30 or above

Mystery shop:

-New Items: Cute Mushroom Castle, Celebrity Style, Sweet Orange, Beautiful Dream Bear, Frog Prince Hat, Shell Lip Accessory, Insulation Goggles, Translucent Goggles.
โ€ป The specific attribute and price can be found in game.



-Increased the number of teams eligible for MVP headgear/card rewards. Now the top 10 teams have a chance of winning a headgear/card reward.
-A new ranking screen has been added to rank the total score, damage taken, damage done, healing and number of deaths. Adventurers can view each team's reward information and understand how each team is fighting.
-When a team member receives team rewards more than 5 times, this team's point will have a certain decay. 20% decay for each person. Adventurers can click on the score to view the corresponding decay factor.

Hordor Dreamland

-Significantly optimized Hordor Dreamland, making it easier for adventurers to pass and obtain rewards.
-Adjusted the opening hours of Hordor Dreamland to all day long.
-New level themes for Hordor Dreamland have been added. Level themes will be rotated each day when the server is reset, and all themes will be open on Sundays.
-Added Hordor Dreamland ticket. Adventurers can get 3 free one-day tickets every day, capped at 10.
-You can purchase the ticket in the shop, limited to 5 times per day.


Guild Management

-Guild members can impeach a guild master who has triggered the impeachment conditions.
-New guild management interface. In this interface, the guild management can appoint members, view the management authority of each position, recruit adventurers, as well as check the level, functions and other information of guild buildings.
-Added the new [Charisma Baby] position to guild management. This position is used to promote the active atmosphere in the guild. Adventurers appointed to this position will get exclusive appearance ( portrait, portrait frame, etc. ), as well as have a statue of their own character in the guild scene. Go interact with Charisma Baby's statue for a surprise!
-Added guild weekly activity and the rating of last week's activity. The statistics are based on the guild's activity and are divided into three grades, A (Very Active), B (Active) and C (Inactive).
-Every Monday at 05:00, the guild management will get the management weekly report item via email. Click on it and use it to open the management weekly report interface, through which the management can check the guild fund acquisition, guild members' activity and management rating of last week.

Weekly Benefit

-Every Monday, the system will pay adventurers last week's salaries based on a combination of factors such as last week's guild health, adventurer's activity and position, based on the results of evaluating adventurers' contributions to the guild. Zeny rewards will be given to general members and additional Diamond rewards will be given to adventurers in management positions.
-Click the [Weekly Benefit] field in the Guild Benefit screen to open the Weekly Benefit interface. The Weekly Benefit interface shows the details of last week's guild salary. Adventurers can check and receive the salary there.

Guild Application

-Optimized the guild application interface. Now the guilds in the application interface are recommended based on last week's activity. Active guilds will get more chances to be recommended.

Guild Shop

-Added Guild Shop feature to Guild Benefit interface.
-Guild Shop offers some event items and packs. The guild master and vice guild master can use the guild funds to purchase those and benefit all guild members.

Guild Quest

-Adventurers can go to the guild scene every Monday after 05:00 and talk to the NPC to pick up the guild quest.
-Each week's guild quest contains 30 solo tasks, including dialogue, monster killing, interaction, and item submission. Complete the tasks to receive rewards such as guild contribution, guild token, spirit dew and guild funds.

Guild Skill

-Adventurers can get materials to upgrade guild skill by participating in guild events and completing the guild quest.
-Adventurers can use the materials to upgrade guild skill for additional attributes.

Guild Sign-In and Guild Welcome

-Adventurers can sign in daily by clicking on the guild sign-in field in the guild benefit interface. After signing in, a sign-in message will be sent in the guild chat channel and a certain amount of Eden coins will be rewarded. Click the settings button to edit the check-in message. If no editing is done, then the system default message will be applied.
-Adventurers can open the guild welcome screen by clicking the guild welcome bar at the guild benefit screen. Adventurers can edit the welcome text, and when new adventurers join the guild, the welcome text will be automatically sent in the guild chat channel with a maximum of three messages. If no editing is done, then the system default message will be applied.
-Optimized the guild benefit interface and event interface.
-Removed Spacetime Investigation and Guild Hunting.


-Added new rewards to Area, WoE, Endless Tower, as well as Guild --Vending Machine and Courage Shop.

Card Socket/Insert

-Optimized the content of the card selection pop-up display.
-Now players can replace the card in an already inserted socket.

Development Recommendation

-Now the development system is more intelligent in providing recommendations.

Hotkey & Potion Dispenser

-Optimized the way to select and added a one-click selection function.


-Optimized backpack tab category and tab display.


-Optimized the artwork of several interfaces, including Reward, RO Shop, Achievement, exchange stores and Guild.

Chat System

-Long press on a text message or emoji sent by another adventurer to copy it for easy input.
-Long press another adventurer's portrait to @ that player for easy conversation when there are many people chatting.
-Optimized the performance in the lock screen state; Clicking on the latest message will automatically slide it down.
-Settings button and block list are moved to the convenient chat box at the main interface.
-Optimized the interactive interface of emojis, common phrases, item sharing and characters.
-Added pet emojis. Optimized the performance of existing bubble emojis.
-Added location message function for players to share location with others, which is convenient for activities such as hunting MVPs.
-Added the friend channel. Players can view the messages sent by friends in it.

Chat Room

-Optimized the chat room function entrance. Adventurers can enter the chat room directly from the main interface.
-The chat room can be set with a password. Adventurers can enter a friend's chat room using the password.
-Added chat room popularity, which goes up as the number of messages goes up, represents how popular the room is.

Auto Battle

-Optimized the length of battle time and the methods of obtaining Monster Annihilation time.

Gear Upgrade

-Added [Use] button. Click it to open the upgrade interface.
-Added a button through which players can upgrade five times in a row.
-Added automatic synthesis function. Players can upgrade directly when they have enough low level materials.

New Players

-Optimized the rewards available to new adventurers through the beginner event.
-Optimized the content of the beginner shop.

Daily Limited-Time Events

-Due to the new weekly events, the schedule of the daily limited-time events has been adjusted accordingly.

Beginner Scene and Dungeon

-Adjusted the beginner scene and the dungeon content.

Backpack Items Quick Use

-Optimized the quick use of items. Added the use button to the pop-up window of some items, clicking it will jump to the corresponding function interface directly.


Fixed the abnormal attributes of Teapot Rabbit.
Fixed the issue that the red dot on Reward wouldn't disappear.