[Notice] Patch Note on June 6th 2022


Greeting Midgardians!
From 6/06/2022 at 23:00 to 6/07/2022 at 3:00 we will conduct a server maintenance
Here are the patch notes for your perusal:
New Content:
(1)Dimension Simulation Battle
Duration: 2022/6/13 5:00:00 ~ 2022/8/21 22:00:00
Level 70 or above players can participate in the ranked matches of Dimension Simulation Battle with a team or solo. Winners will receive points and advance to higher ranks after having a certain number of points. At the end of the season, the higher the rank, the better the reward.
There are 6 ranks including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Unmatched.
If the rank difference between the team leader and a team member exceeds 25 sub-ranks, the team will not be allowed to enter a queue.
There are three types of battle:
Operation Transformation:
Players start at the two ends of the map. They can transform into MVP monsters with enhanced combat power by picking up special items, which will randomly appear in the center of the map. Defeat opponents to get team points, and the team with more points wins.
Operation Gold:
Players start at the two ends of the map. The Goblin King spawns in the center of the map will lose HP and drop gold coins as time passes. When the BOSS dies, the team with more gold coins wins.
Cart Contest:
Players start at the two ends of the map and compete for control of the cart in the center. The cart moves toward the opponent's base when there is only one team around it. When the battle ends, the team that has reached the longer distance wins.
Limited-Time Events:
(1)Treasure Hunter
Duration: 2022/6/7 5:00:00 ~ 2022/6/14 4:59:59, Every day 21:30~23:30
Available for: All servers
Content: Become a Treasure Hunter and discover treasures hidden in the mysterious monsters. There’s a chance to find surprise rewards as well!
Requirement: Base level 25 or above
(2)MVP Fever!
Duration: 2022/6/7 5:00:00 ~ 2022/6/14 4:59:59
Available for: Angeling, Deviling, Poring, Ghostring
Content: You can get additional MVP gift packs from MVP kills during the event period. The refresh time of MVPs is shortened from 120 minutes to 90 minutes. The times of daily MVP participation rewards/team rewards is increased from 5 to 7.
Requirement: Base level 11 or above
(3)Valkyrie’s Favor
Duration: 2022/6/7 5:00:00 ~ 2022/6/21 4:59:59
Available for: All servers
Content: During the event period, players can respawn without using the respawn item.
Requirement: All players
(4)Operation Union
Duration: 2022/6/14 5:00:00 ~ 2022/6/21 4:59:59
Requirement: Base level 20 or above
Available for: All servers
Content: During the event, assisting other players will reward you an additional 50% Proofs of Union.
(4)Helheim Racing
Duration:2022/6/14 5:00:00 ~ 2022/6/21 4:59:59
Requirement: Base level 45 or above
Content: During the event, there will be a Helheim Challenge ranking. The shorter the time, the higher the ranking. There are many rewards to be redeemed!
Available for: All servers
RO Shop:
New item [War Badge] in Nyan Berry Shop.
Replaced Pet Surprise Box with Pet Surprise Box II.
※ The specific price and function can be found in game.
Optimized the combat of Baphomet dungeon boss.
Adjusted the description text of deploying pets.
Adjusted some descriptions of Alchemist's Homunculus and skills. These adjustments will not affect the actual skill effect.
Fixed the issue that Alchemist weapons cannot receive refinement transfer.
Fixed the issue that the icon of Mark of Devil and Monster Annihilation are the same.