[Notice] Patch Note on May 9th 2022


Greeting Midgardians!

From 5/09/2022 to 5/10/2022 we will conduct server maintenance from 23:00 to 3:00.

Here are the patch notes for your perusal:

New Content:

New System —— Card Promotion

-After reaching Base Level 30, players can complete the quest [Learn about Card Promotion] through NPC Alfie in Prontera to unlock [Card Awakening], [Card Promotion], and [Card Reset] features.

-Players can use card fragments to perform [Card Awakening] on the selected card. Only after awakening can the card be upgraded and promoted, and the card will be bound.

-Players can unlock the [Card Dismantling] feature by talking to the [Magic Card Machine] in each city. Dismantling cards to obtain card fragments, which can be used as materials to upgrade and promote cards and improve card attributes.

-Through [Card Upgrade], players can consume card fragments to upgrade the awakened cards. When the upgrade reaches the limit, players can go to [Card Promotion] and consume the card of the same name to promote the card and increase its level limit.

-Click on the awakened card in Backpack, and the [Reset] button will appear. [Card Reset] will reset the card to its original state, and return all the promotion materials and part of the upgrade materials.

Limited-Time Events:

1)Rainbow Pact

-Duration: 2022/5/10 5:00:00 ~ 2022/5/17 4:59:59

-Content: During the event period, you will receive rewards by completing the duo event quests.
Requirement: Base level 25 or above

2)Operation Union

-Duration: 2022/5/10 5:00:00 ~ 2022/5/17 4:59:59

-Content: During the event, assisting other players will reward you with an additional 50% Proof of Union.

Requirement: Base level 20 or above

3)Operation Commission

-Duration: 2022/5/10 5:00:00 ~ 2022/5/17 4:59:59

-Content: During the event period, the daily limit of Commission Tickets is increased by 20 tickets (refreshed at 5:00 daily)

Requirement: The Commission feature is unlocked

4)Battle Buffet

-Duration: 2022/5/10 5:00:00 ~ 2022/5/24 4:59:59

-Content: During the event period, there is a chance to get recovery items by hunting down monsters.

Requirement: All players can participate

5)Veins Strategic Battle

-Duration: 2022/5/17 5:00:00 ~ 2022/5/22 4:59:59, Every day 21:30~23:30

-Item Redeem Deadline: 2022/5/24 4:59:59

-Content: After entering the event dungeon during the event period, adventurers will be randomly put into 2 different factions. Defending your faction to earn salt pillar shards and event points to redeem for rewards as well as the time-limited title & chat frame.

Requirement: Base level 55 or above

6)Super Extreme Challenge

-Duration: 2022/5/17 0:00:00 ~ 2022/5/23 23:59:59

-Content: During the event period, you will receive 50% more of the basic reward (Eden Coin). After completing the challenge, you can also receive surprise gift bags based on the difficulty (1 extra surprise gift bag for 1 star, 2 extra surprise gift bags for 2 stars, and 3 extra surprise gift bags for 3 stars).

Requirement: Base level 40 or above


-Increased the upper limit of Monster Research Progress in Monster Glossary

-Increased the upper limit of Fashion Points in Wardrobe

-New items in Union Shop: Colorful Eggs Costume, Colorful Eggs Basket Headgear, and Colorful Eggs Bunny Back.