[Notice] Patch Note on Apr 25th 2022


Greeting Midgardians!

From 4/25/2022 to 4/26/2022 we will conduct server maintenance.

PDT: 4/25 23:00 to 4/26 3:00

Here are the patch notes for your perusal:

4/25 Patch Notes

Maintenance Time:
PDT:April 25 23:00 to April 26 3:00

New Content:

New System —— Smeldon Cogwheels

The new Verus Core Red Cogwheels
The Mysterious Cogwheel Gacha from Mystery Shop has a chance to give you Smeldon Cogwheel and Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment.
A new item used to maintain Smeldon Cogwheels has been added to the Market: Advanced Lubricant.
You can dismantle cogwheels below red quality to receive Anomalous Metal, which can be used to redeem items in the Anomalous Metal Shop.

Limited-Time Events:

(1)Malangdo Supply

Duration: 2022/4/26 5:00:00 ~ 2022/5/10 4:59:59
Content: During the event period, adventurers can select which item they will receive the next day by talking to NPCs. The longer they stay online, the better the rewards they will receive!
Requirement: Base level 16 or above

(2)Deviruchi’s Offer

Duration: 2022/4/26 5:00:00 ~ 2022/5/10 4:59:59
Content: You can get 5 additional limited-time Deviruchi Vouchers per day during the event (can be used within 7 days after the end of the event).
Requirement: Base level 30 or above

RO Shop:

① New Content

Nyan Berry - Appearance
Commemorative Baseball Cap - 1500 Nyan Berries
Mech Toy Helmet - 1950 Nyan Berries
Neko Mimi - 788 Nyan Berries
Dandy Young Man Hairstyle Unlock Ticket - 150 Nyan Berries
Bohemian Hairstyle Unlock Ticket - 150 Nyan Berries
Mystery Shop
New hairstyles: Dreams at Fall Hairstyle Unlock Ticket and Assassin Hairstyle Unlock Ticket

② Content Adjustments

Errand House - Zeny
Replaced Temporal Visitor's Favor with Valkyrie's Favor. No change in the price.


Fixed the problem that the Mythic Crystal Selectable Gift Box in Mystery Shop does not show the discount label.