[Notice] Patch Note on Mar 31st 2022


Greeting Midgardians!

We have a big patch coming in! On 3/30/2022, from 3/30/2022 at 11:00 PM to 3/31/2022 at 7:00 AM, we will conduct server maintenance. Here are the patch notes for your perusal:

3/31 Patch Notes

New Content:

Monster Annihilation
Event Type: Daily Event
Overview: When the blessing is activated, healthy combat time will not be consumed. The blessing will ignore fatigue status, and slaying monsters in the wilderness grants loot but no EXP.
Daily consumable time is 60 minutes, with a time storage limit of 420 minutes
When Monster Annihilation is activated, you gain 5 activity points for every 20 minutes of blessing time spent.
Requirement: Base level 40 or above

Sky Set
Overview: The all-new exclusive appearance set. It can have reaction links with other appearance items, adding additional set effects.
Two new sets of mythic appearance, divided into 5 parts: Costume, Mouth, Back, Face, and Headgear.
Players can Refine, Refinement Transfer, Insert Card, React, and Dismantle the new sets.
Collecting the same set of mythic appearances to activate the set effect.
Each mythic appearance item can have reaction links with up to three normal appearance items at the same time. Wearing a mythic appearance item with reaction links will not only activate the attribute of the mythic appearance item but also activate the basic attribute of a normal appearance item.
Players can spend items to dye their mythic appearance.

Limited-Time Events:

(1)Deviruchi’s Offer
Duration: 2022/3/31 5:00:00 ~ 2022/4/7 4:59:59
Content: You can get 5 additional Deviruchi Vouchers per day during the event (the items will automatically disappear after the event ends).
Requirement: Base level 30 or above

(2)Treasure Hunter
Duration: 2022/4/7 5:00:00 - 2022/4/14 4:59:59, Every day 19:00:00~23:59:59
Content: Become a Treasure Hunter and discover treasures hidden in the mysterious monsters. There’s a chance to find surprise rewards as well!
Requirement: Base level 25 or above

(3)Endless Challenge
Duration: 2022/4/7 5:00:00 - 2022/4/14 4:59:59
Content: During the event, participating in Endless Tower grants 50% more Eden Coins. There is a chance to obtain Endless Tower's Gift on Levels 5 and 10. There is a chance to obtain gift packs containing Mora Coins and Zeny on BOSS levels and MINI levels.
Requirement: Base level 55 or above

(4)15 Days Check-in
Duration: 2022/4/7 5:00:00 ~ 2022/5/4 4:59:59
Content: During the event period, a total sign-in of 15 days will be rewarded with fabulous headgear.
Requirement: Base level 25 or above

RO Shop:

(1)New Content
Errand House - Zeny
Blessed Accessory Ore - 9000 Zeny. The weekly limit is 5.
Gold Medal Redemption
Blessed Accessory Ore - 100 Gold Medals. No purchase limit.
Nyan Berry - Popular Items
Increase the weekly limit of Blessed Accessory Ore from 10 to 50
Increase the weekly limit of Legendary Accessory Gemstone from 2 to 10
Errand House - Zeny
Increase the weekly limit of Blessed Weapon Ore from 2 to 10
Increase the weekly limit of Blessed Armor Ore from 2 to 10

Added UI display checkbox in the settings of Camera Mode.
Added the new Mark of Devil Invitation Letter to Guild Vending Machine. The weekly limit is 3. The cost is 240 guild contribution.
The previous Mark of Devil Invitation Letter will be replaced with an equal amount of Lucky Farming Candy, which will be sent by mail after the update.
The number of free challenges per day is adjusted to 1 for Mark of Devil.
Optimized the survivability of pets.
Optimized the event duration of Roll the Dice
From: 2022/3/24 5:00:00 ~ 2022/4/8 4:59:59
To: 2022/3/24 5:00:00 ~ 2022/4/21 4:59:59
The rewards collection time remains unchanged. Please pay attention to collect the event rewards in a timely manner.