[PatchNote] Patch Notes for the January 8th, 2024 Update


Maintenance Time:

PST Time:Jan 8 23:00 to Jan 9 05:00


1. MVP Optimization: The refresh time of all MVPs is shortened, and the MVP hunting experience of all adventurers will be improved.

2. Bubble Machine Optimization: The Bubble Shell will be able to be purchased with diamonds at unlimited volume!

3. Update Preview: In subsequent updates, we will continue to focus on optimizing the game to provide adventurers with the best RO experience! You can comment on this patch note for what you are expecting for future optimizations!

MVP refresh time optimization

After this update, the MVP refresh time will be uniformly reduced from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. MVPs will refresh faster!

Limited Events

Card Drop Rate Double

Duration: 2024/01/15 05:00:00~ 2024/01/29 04:59:59

Content: During the event period, the drop rate of cards will be increased to twice of the original drop rate.

Requirement: Base level 25 and above

Malangdo Supply

Duration: 2024/01/08 05:00:00~ 2024/02/05 04/59/59

Content: During the event period, you can select which item to receive the next day by talking to NPCs. The longer you’re online, the better the rewards you will receive!

Requirement: Base level 25 and above

Super Extreme Challenge

Duration: 2024/01/22 05:00:00~ 2024/02/05 04:59:59

Content:  During the event period, you will receive 50% more of the basic reward (Eden Coin). After completing the challenge, there is a chance to receive surprise gift bags.

Requirement: Base level 40 and above

Desire for Combat

Duration: 2024/01/19 05:00:00~ 2024/01/22 04:59:59

Content: Get extra Monster Annihilation time and battle time during the event!

Requirement: Base level 30 and above

Veins Strategic Battle

Duration: 2024/01/22 5:00:00~ 2024/02/05 4:59:59 (Updated)

Content: Join Veins Strategic Battle! Defend your faction to earn salt pillar shards and event points.

Requirement: Base level 25 and above

Bubble machine

Duration: 2024/1/15 5:00:00~ 2024/01/29 4:59:59

Content: During the event, collect Bubble Machine Shells to participate in the Bubble Machine drawing and receive wonderful rewards!

Requirement: Base level 25 or above