[PatchNote] Patch Notes for the November 20th, 2023 Update


Nightmare Temple Hell Mode:The Nightmare Temple's second season introduces Elemental Turbulence Hell difficulty, signaling the moment to prove your strength. Take on epic dungeon challenges to earn unparalleled glory and acquire super-rare mounts!
Card Plan: Introducing card plan and card belt! Adventurers can preset card combinations for battle, allowing quick response by switching card schemes during combat, bidding farewell to the hassle of frequent card changes.
MVP Card Awakening and Card Sets: Thanks to the relentless efforts of the wise, MVP cards can now awaken and advance. Adventurers can use corresponding materials to awaken and advance MVP cards. Collecting a complete set of red-quality cards will grant powerful effects.
Balance Adjustments: This update optimizes the combat experience of Rune Knights by consolidating multiple BUFF skills, addressing issues of insufficient BUFF slots and cumbersome BUFF application.

Nightmare Temple Season 2 - Elemental Turbulence
The Hell difficulty of the Nightmare Temple opens in the second season. Is it brightness or despair? Enter the most dangerous zone; the moment to prove your strength has arrived. Attain the highest glory! In addition to the increased difficulty, Hell mode also requires a greater number of selected affixes. Successfully conquering Hell difficulty will provide even greater chances to obtain super-rare mounts and rare divine armaments!
Job Balance Adjustments
Rune Knight
New Skill: General Boost. Upon activation, simultaneously gain the effects of Lv.11 Endure, Lv.11 Sword Quicken, Lv.11 Concentration, and Lv.11 Aura Blade.
Lv.11 Endure: MDEF 10-->11;Duraation 37-->40
Lv.11 Sword Quicken: ASPD 30%-->32%;Duration 240-->260
Lv.11 Concentration: HIT 50-->55;Weapon ATK 30%-->33%;DEF Decrease 25%-->28%;Duration 120-->128
Lv.11 Aura Blade: Bonus 200-->220;5-->5.5 Ignore DEF;Physical Damage Increase 10%-->11%;Duration 120-->130
Sympathy Rune: Physical Shield → Mixed Shield
Spear Stabbing: Adjusted the skill range

*Please refer to the in-game values for specific skill details.
Card Plan
Card Plan and Card Belt are now available! Adventurers, the long-awaited Card Plan is finally live. You can preset card combinations for different scenarios, with a maximum of 16 plans. Switch between them directly to rapidly respond to various combat situations!

In addition to switching card plans in the system interface, the great sage has also invented time-limited Card Belt. The belt can be placed in the item shortcut bar, allowing adventurers to switch plans with a simple click.

Adventurers with Kafra VIP  privileges can enjoy the benefits of the Card Belt.

MVP Card Awakening and Card Sets
With the concerted efforts of many great sages, MVP cards have finally broken free from their long-standing limitations. Now, MVP cards can undergo Awakening in the "Card Awakening" feature! Adventurers can use Illusion Card Fragments to awaken MVP cards, gaining additional attributes after the awakening. Following the awakening, adventurers can consume purple card fragments, illusion card fragments, and the corresponding MVP card to advance it. As the MVP card awakening feature unlocks, the card set function also receives an upgrade, introducing red-quality MVP card sets. Collecting MVP card sets will grant unparalleled power!
Huginn and Muninn Skill Adjustments
In order to better protect adventurers, Odin has intentionally strengthened the skills of Huginn, specifically the effects of Feather, Blessing, and Blessing of Rebirth. Feather and Blessing of Rebirth will now increase the damage dealt. The Blessing effect will no longer consider additional attribute bonuses (STR + AGI + INT / VIT + DEX + LUK). The owner can simultaneously gain the effects of Blessing of Courage and Blessing of Fortitude.

The skills Life and Death and Darkfeather Curse of Muninn are strengthened as well. Life and Death will now have an added Blind effect. During the duration of the Darkfeather Tornado, surrounding enemies will be in a Blind state, and the ATK and MATK of enemies affected by the Darkfeather Tornado will be reduced. Darkfeather Curse also introduces a Blind effect. Enemies under the effect of the Darkfeather Curse will be in a Blind state and will suffer reduced final damage. This effect can stack up to 5 layers.
Limited Events

Malangdo Supply
Duration: 2023/11/27 05:00:00 ~ 2023/12/04 04:59:59
Content: During the event period, you can select which item to receive the next day by talking to NPCs. The longer you’re online, the better the rewards you will receive!
Requirement: Base level 16 or above

Helheim Racing
Duration: 2023/11/27 05:00:00 ~ 2023/12/04 04:59:59
Content: During the event, there will be a Helheim Challenge ranking. The shorter the race time recorded, the higher the ranking. There are many rewards to be redeemed!
Requirement: Base level 45 or above

Veins Strategic Battle
Duration: 2023/11/27 05:00:00 ~ 2023/12/04 04:59:59
Content: Join Veins Strategic Battle! Defend your faction to earn salt pillar shards and event points.
Requirement: Base level 25 or above

2x Card Drop Rate
Duration: 2023/12/04 05:00:00~2023/12/11 04:59:59
Content: During the event period, the drop rate of cards will be increased to twice of the original drop rate.
Requirement: Base level 25 or above

Battle Buffet
Duration: 2023/12/04 05:00:00~2023/12/25 04:59:59
Content: During the event period, there will be a chance to receive recovery items from hunting down monsters.
Requirement: All Players

Operation Commission
Duration: 2023/12/04 05:00:00~2023/12/11 04:59:59
Content: During the event, the daily limit of Commission Tickets is increased.
Requirement: Base level 25 or above

Super Extreme Challenge
Duration: 2023/12/04 05:00:00~2023/12/11 04:59:59
Content: Get additional basic reward (Eden Coin). After completing the challenge, there is a chance to receive surprise gift bags.
Requirement: Base level 40 or above

Hip-hop Pass
Duration: 2023/12/04 05:00:00——2024/1/8 04:59:59
Content: During the event period, Pass EXP can be obtained by completing Pass quests, collecting Pass EXP to level up the Pass, and receiving rewards.
Requirement: Base level 25 or above 
Optimized target selection in the Ruins of Juperos, and now King Ambernite cannot be targeted.
Increased the attribute strength of Energy Matrix components 4 and 5.
Adjusted the speed at which MVP summons accumulate upon killing an MVP.
Adjusted the team MVP point decay ratio when a team member reaches the maximum MVP reward limit.
Increased the Emblem limit.
Extended the current season time for the War of Moon Chasers.
Redemption period for Veins Strategic Battle has been adjusted to 24 hours after the event.