[PatchNote] Updates to patch notes for maintenance on Sep 25th



We would like to share with you the feedback we have received, along with the plans for adjustments in the future updates. A version adjustment is expected to roll out around mid-to-late October. Some adjustments require longer testing and will be updated at a later time.

➤ Rune Knight
We have noticed many adventurers have reported that Rune Knight's melee performance is not ideal, and its damage in PVE is poor. This is due to the large movements and animation of some skills (such as Dragon's Breath, Rapid Stab, etc.) This affects the performance of the damage.
We expect to adjust the capabilities of some of these skills in late October, and we hope this will help Rune Knight perform better.

➤ Ranger
Many adventurers reported that the Ranger's damage was significantly higher than other jobs, affecting the performance and popularity of other jobs. We will evaluate it, along with the adjustment plans of other professions, and adjust skills keeping balance in mind.

➤ Mechanic
We noticed that the cooldown time of some of the Mechanic's skills is too long, such as the CD skill for turret upgrade, which affects their performance. We will continue to optimize and adjust skills while ensuring job balance.
➤ Warlock
Adventurers have reported that the Warlock in the current version needs optimization and adjustments. Due to their more complex gameplay, performance in PVP scenarios is adversely affected. In PVE, the casting of continuous combination skills has a small window for errors and is easy to fail. The long casting time of skills also affects the experience of adventurers.
The overall optimization plan for Warlocks is still being tested. We hope to greatly optimize the user experience and continue to update the skills of the Warlock to make it easier for adventurers to operate.

➤ Guillotine Cross
Adventurers have reported that the current version fails to highlight the characteristics of the Guillotine Cross' basic attack and critical strike, and the skills do not feel smooth. We look to strengthening the Venom and Violent Poison styles of combat for them.
We will adjust the Guillotine Cross' output performance to make it more in line with the Assassin's positioning.

➤ Arch Bishop
Adventurers reported high overall satisfaction with the Arch Bishop, but there is still room for optimization. For example, connection skills are often interrupted unexpectedly, connection patterns are not obvious, as well as other user experience issues. Therefore, we will continue to adjust the Arch Bishop's user experience, correct unbalanced skills, and hope these will provide adventurers with a better experience.

The content mentioned above does not represent the final adjustment plan. We will adjust based on multiple testing conditions and will also consider the feedback and suggestions of adventurers to more rigorously test and adjust the content of the 4th job classes. We are currently still testing and adjusting, hoping to bring a more interesting and fun experience to adventurers.
The following adjustments were not listed in the previous patch notes for the maintenance on Sep.25th yet have already been implemented in-game. We apologize for the omission.

➤ Skill Adjustment
Gale Blade: Converts magic power, dealing 250% + 40 Neutral Physical Damage to targets within the range. (Originally 500%)
Enchantment Blade: The skill multiplier at max level is reduced from 500% to 200%.
Awaken of Dragon God: Increase the cooldown time between two transformations by 30 seconds.

➤ Equipment Adjustment
Elemental Sword +15 Effect: In the enchanted blade state, the additional physical damage of the enchanted blade is increased from 500% to 200%.

➤ Adjustments to the Totem of the Star Gazing Temple
Totem Level 40 Skills: Each point of Dragon Power provides 5% increase in attack speed and 5% skill damage (including basic attack, Gale Blade) (original 10%, 10%).
Totem Level 60 Skill: During Awaken of Dragon God, skill damage increased from 100% to 120%.
Fixed the issue where totem level 60 skills did not take effect.

➤ Adjustment of Skill SP Consumption
[At Max Level] Shadow Stabbing SP consumption increased from 20 to 40.
[At Max Level] Spear Stabbing SP consumption increased from 20 to 68.
[At Max Level] Fast Stabbing SP consumption reduced from 20 to 10.
[At Max Level] Enchantment Blade SP consumption increased from 20 to 55.
[At Max Level] Explosive Blade SP consumption increased from 20 to 38.
[At Max Level] Dragon Breath-Fire SP consumption increased from 20 to 50.
[At Max Level] Dragon Breath-Water SP consumption increased from 20 to 50.
[At Max Level] Dragon's Roar SP consumption increased from 30 to 50.