[Event] Fashion Challenge : Summer Dream


🌞 Dive into the heart of summer with our exciting Fashion Challenge theme for this week: "Summer Dream"! 🌴👙

We're excited to see your bright, elegant, and sunny style! Redefine the art of embracing the sun-kissed elegance of summer. ☀️🌺

Before you set sail on this creative journey and unveil your sensational looks, we kindly ask you to acquaint yourself with the event guidelines. Let's nurture an atmosphere of vibrancy and respect, where kindness and positivity are our guiding stars. 🌟🤝

Capture the essence of this season's dreamy allure! 🌟🛍️🌼🏖️

Event Duration: August 31th ~ September 11th


1st place  : 💎 400 diamonds + 2 Gacha tickets + 1 Divine Pet Summon ticket 
2nd place: 💎 300 diamonds + 2 Gacha tickets 
3rd place : 💎 200 diamonds + 1 Gacha ticket 

Plus, everyone who enters will receive 💎 100 diamonds and 1 Gacha ticket!

✨💎  Let's see your best heavenly style! 💎 🌟