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9. Camera


9. Camera
Capture the fun of your beautiful memories in Ragnarok Origin with the Camera feature!
The feature will open after completing the “Visiting Professor” quest.
You will first receive a camera from NPC Anderson and learn how to take photos from NPC Sprakki.

▣ Camera Button
Open up Camera Mode by tapping the above Camera Button.

▣ Taking Photos
Tap the above icon to enter Selfie Mode, where your character holds it up to face themselves.

Tap the above icon to change the camera view to normal, with the camera’s focus on your character.

Tap the “Free” icon to revert to Free mode, where the camera angle is from your character’s point of view.
You can move your mobile device to find the best angle.

▣ Taking and Saving Photos
To capture a photo, simply tap the above camera icon while in Camera Mode!
You can use the slide bar on the left side to zoom in/out.

After taking a photo, you’ll see your Photo preview along with 3 buttons on the bottom.
Tap the Facebook icon to share your image to Facebook. The center button saves the photo to your mobile device. The right button saves the photo to your in-game Album.
If you are unsatisfied with your photo, you can press the “x” at the top right corner of the photo without saving and try again.

▣ Album
Tap the Compass icon to access the expanded menu.
Near the bottom, you will see the “Album” icon where you can access photos you’ve saved in game.


▣ Emoticon and Motion
While in Camera Mode, tap the emoticon icon at the bottom to use poses, facial expressions, and stickers in your photo. The possibilities are endless!

The Emotes tab shows various ways your character can express themselves for the camera.
The top line contains classic Ragnarok emotes, which appear animated above your character’s head.
The bottom line contains facial expressions for your character.


The Actions tab displays various poses your character can do for the photo.
The top line consists of poses you can do by yourself, while the bottom line consists of poses you can do with another adventurer – however you must reach a certain level of friendship with them to be able to perform the pose.

The Sticker tab opens up the sticker menu. Tap one to have it appear in the photo. You can adjust its placement by pressing and dragging it to where you want, or you can adjust its size with the bottom right arrows, or you can remove the sticker entirely with the “x” on its top right corner.


The Frames tab shows various photo frames you can use to decorate the edges of your photo.
Tap on one to see it pop up in real time!

▣ Speech Bubble
You can have your character say something for the photo by tapping the Speech Bubble button on the bottom left of the Camera Mode screen.
You can type a maximum of 30 characters, and it will last for a few seconds before disappearing. 

▣ Setting
Tap on the cogwheel button next to the Emotes to access the Camera settings menu.
From there you can choose to check or uncheck any elements you wish to have displayed or hidden while you take your photo.