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8. Backpack and Wardrobe


8. Backpack and Wardrobe
As you explore the world on your adventures, you’ll pick up various items and materials that are stored in your Backpack. Your Backpack stores all your gear, potions, crafting and refining materials, costumes, and more!

Your Wardrobe stores all your costume items and equipment that can be turned into costumes. Use this to customize your character’s look without affecting the attributes of the gears you have equipped.

▣ Backpack
Tap on the Backpack icon on the right side of the screen.
On the left side, you can see your character and gears you have equipped.
On the right side, you can see the rest of the items stored in your Backpack. 

The “Equip” tab on the right displays all the Equipment in your Backpack that aren’t currently equipped by your character.

The “Consumable” tab displays all your consumable items such as potions, food, tickets, etc.

The “Materials” tab displays all the types of items used for crafting, cooking, and refining. 

The “Card” tab displays all your cards that aren’t currently slotted into equipment.

It’s important to note that there will be a penalty depending on the weight you carry. 
If the total weight reaches 90% of the max, your movement speed will decrease by 10% and HP/SP won’t be naturally recovered. When the total weight exceeds 100%, you won’t be able to obtain miscellaneous items automatically.
Other items will be sent to your mailbox but since the mailbox also has limited space, please make sure to leave enough space in your bag. You can do this by selling, trading, or recycling unneeded items.

▣ Wardrobe
When you tap the Compass menu icon on the right side of the screen, it reveals several other buttons in its sub-menu. 
The first of these is the “Wardrobe” button, which accesses – you guessed it – your Wardrobe!

Tapping on the Wardrobe button opens up the Dressing Room. On the left side is your character and their current look, and on the right side are various equipment and costumes you have, separated into categories based on where the accessory goes (Headgear, Face, Mouth, etc).

The list also displays other possible costumes, whose icons are darkened if you do not yet have them. You can tap on these to find out how to obtain and craft them.