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7. Quest


7. Quest
One of the adventurer’s biggest concerns is “What do I do next?”
Quests exist for that purpose. 
Exploring new content, helping other adventurers, and questing are all a part of the process to become a great adventurer. 

In this chapter, you will learn all you need to know about quests in Ragnarok Origin. 

▣ Quest
You can see the list of available quests from the Quest Navigator on the right side of the screen.

There are 3 types of quests that you can accept:
- “Quest” includes story quests and side quests to help you advance the story as well as your character progress.
- “Misc.” contains hunts and challenges, self-contained quests that aren’t linked to the larger story. Completing these quests can help advance your character and open up new content.
- “Journey” quests appear sporadically as you pass relevant NPCs that may have a special quest for you.

On the mini-map, main quests are displayed in red, Journey quests are in purple, quests like Mercenary, Search, etc. are in blue and the rest of the quests are in green.


▣ Quest Navigator
How do new adventures find quests appropriate to their level, and how do they know which NPCs to go to? Enter the Quest Navigator!

The Quest Navigator not only displays appropriate quests available for you, but automatically guides your character to the relevant NPC once you tap on the quest.
No need to wander around looking for NPCs anymore! Use the Quest Navigator!

However, the Quest Navigator might not work in some cases, such as when in a story instance or dungeon.
In that case, you need to control your character by yourself to clear the quest.