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4. Social - Friends and Parties


4. Social - Friends and Parties

If you found an adventurer you want to get to know more, you could become friends.
You could also create a party to hunt MVP monsters or clear dungeons.

In this chapter, you can learn how to become friends, make a party, or join one.

▣ Friends
Make friends with adventurers you met on your journey!


Firstly, tap the above icon to open the below screen.


From here, you can add new friends or message existing friends.

Tap the above icon to add as a friend.
To add a friend, input their ID or nickname and tap the “Add” button.


Once you’ve added a new adventurer as your friend, you can start chatting with them privately.


However, because the friend’s request is not mutual, even if the other player is a friend to me, I may not be a friend to the other player.
To be friends with each other, the other person must also add you as a friend.

▣ Party
You can create a party through the Quest Navigator or join a party that already exists.


Or you can just select an adventurer that you want to party with to create a party.
Tap the adventurer the same way you talk to NPCs and open the adventurer’s profile window.
You can now invite the adventurer to your party.


You can also create a party from the chat window directly.
Tap the adventurer’s profile from the chat window and invite the adventurer to your party.


Tap the “Search Party” button to join a party that already exists.
You can see the list of parties that have specific objectives by tapping on the name of contents on the left. 

In the case of “None”, those are parties that did not specify a specific objective. 

Once you choose content, the ‘auto matching’ button will be activated at the bottom.
When you tap it, you’ll be invited to a party that matches your condition.

You can refresh the party list by tapping on the relevant button.
However, there are 5 seconds of cool down.
You can tap “Create Party” to stop searching for existing parties and create a new one. 


The nickname of adventurers who are in the same party will display in blue.


The party leader can summon all party members, and members can set themselves to automatically follow the party leader.
These can be done by tapping on the Quest Navigator on the left side of the screen. 


Party leaders and members will see different menus after clicking on the cogwheel next to the name of adventurers.
“Check Info” will show you the adventurer’s information,
“Follow the target” will make your character follow the target character,
“Invite to follow” will make the target character follow you,
With buttons like “Promote”, “Kick Out” and “Leave”, you can transfer the party leader, kick out the member or leave the party. If you are the party leader, the leader position will automatically be transferred to another member once you leave the party. 



You can open a party screen by tapping on the above icon from the Quest Navigator.
From the party screen, you can see the members at a glance and invite other adventurers easily. 


If you are the party leader, you can set a goal for the party. 
Once the goal is set, you can promote your party on the world chat. 
You can also use an auto-matching system by checking the box below. 


The auto-matching will match adventurers who have the same goal as your party. 
You can check if the adventurers meet the party requirement and invite them to your party. 


When you tap the “Promote” button, you can promote your party on the chat. 
It only appears to adventurers who have the same goal. 


▣ Hotkey Chat – Party

When you’re in a party, you’ll be able to see the above icon.
Tap the icon to start a chat with your party members without having to open a chat window. 

The hotkey chat works the same as the normal chat but when a member writes a message, the chat window will float on all members’ screen.

On the right side of the hotkey chat window, you can see the “Restore Position” and “Cancel Hotkey” buttons.
When you tap the “Restore Position”, the chat window will move to the original location and the “Cancel Hotkey” button will close the chat window as well as icons. 
The closed chat window can be recalled through the setting of “Communication – Chat”.