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25. Guild – Join and Create


25. Guild – Join and Create
Did you meet adventurers that you want to get along with?
If partying with them isn’t sufficient, create a guild with them!

In this chapter, you’ll be guided on how to join and create a guild.

▣ Guild
The guild system is unlocked at Base Lv.20.
Tap the “Menu” on the right side of the screen and tap “Guild”.

You can either join an existing guild or create a new one.

Choose a guild from the list to see a description and apply to join a selected guild only or send an application to several guilds at once. 

The screenshot below will only be shown to adventurers who haven’t joined a guild yet.
Those who are already in a guild will see a slightly different screen.

▣ Creating a Guild
You need an Emperium and Bronze Coin to create a guild.
You can buy an Emperium at Shop in Town.
Once you have all the required materials, input the guild’s name and introduction to create it.

▣ Guild Info
Adventurers who have joined a guild will see the following screenshot after clicking the “Guild” button.
The Guild Info screen will appear at first.
It contains the name/level/icon/guild ID/guild master/members/capital/guild group/announcement.
The guild master can change the icon.

The guild announcement and introduction can be edited by tapping the above icon.

At the News tab, you can see the activity record of guild members and use a filter to see wanted records only. 
Filter to see a full history of your guild. 
Tap the “Return to Guild” button to move to the Hideout of your guild.

This is what Hideout looks like.
It’s even more awesome when you visit there.
You’ll be guided in more detail on other guild contents such as guild party, guild matching battle, guild management, etc.

▣ Guild Member
This is where you can see a list of guild members.

When a request is received, you can check it from the “Pending Application”.
Tap “Agree” to let it join or tap “Delete List” to delete all applications at once.

You can leave g guild by tapping the “Leave” button.
If you are a guild master, you need to hand over the title to a guild member before leaving the guild.

You can assign two available titles to guild members by tapping “Edit Position”.


Use the “Group Message” feature to send a message to all guild members.
Stamina is consumed every time a group message is sent.

You can see the profile of a guild member and change the title.
Basic positions are Guild Master, Sub Guild Master, Guild Director, and Butler.
As explained above, you can assign a new title to the members.

※  If the guild master didn’t log in to the game for 14 days or longer, the title will be handed over automatically.



Like joining a party, you can use a hotkey chat feature after joining a guild.
Tap the above icon to start a hotkey chat with guild members.