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24. Guide – Customization Gallery


24. Guide – Customization Gallery
The Customization Gallery is unlocked at Base Level 30.
Is there a feature that shows all records of Ragnarok Origin that you’ve enjoyed so far?
Here it is! Customization Profile!
You can customize your profile at the top left.

▣ Customization Gallery
The Customization Gallery is unlocked at Base Lv.30.
Change your profile photo through the Custom Book.

See the details to find out how to get each profile.
Select an activated profile and save it to change your profile.

Tab the “Title” to see the list of Titles in Ragnarok Origin.
You can also search a specific Title using a keyword.

If you found a title you want, tap it to find out how to obtain it.

Once you’ve got the title, you can use a sticker.
The stickers can be applied along with the Title and 5 stickers can be activated at the same time.

The size of stickers varies and a 1 Slot sticker takes up 1 slot, 2 Slot sticker takes up 2 slots, and 3 Slot sticker takes up 3 slots.

If there’s an available slot, touch a sticker to apply it right away.
When you tab a sticker that you don’t have, you can see how to get it.

Tap on each slot to see how to activate it.
Try to activate all 5 slots and get rich!

Now, you can see there are so many contents to enjoy on the Guide.
Carry the Guide at all times while you’re exploring the world of Ragnarok Origin!