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22. Guide – Poring Journal


22. Guide – Poring Journal
The classic Ragnarok monster Poring is so ubiquitous, it gets its own Journal!
Poring Journal records special Porings you meet in the world of Ragnarok Origin.

In this chapter, you’ll be guided on Guide – Poring Journal.

▣ Exploration Record
You can unlock the Poring Journal at Base Level 25.
The first tab you see in the Journal is “Exploration Record”.
It displays each area special Porings can be found, and when they are available to access.
Expand the area tabs to see which Porings you’ve found.
Tapping the Poring’s name will briefly reveal when and where you first discovered it, and tapping its icon will take you to its entry in the “My Notes” section.
The relevant area will leave a record once you found a Poring and the collection level will be increased.

To access the collection rewards, tap on the “Area” button to the right of the area.
You will receive a reward based on the number of Porings you find regardless of the type.
Always keep your eyes wide open so you don’t miss a single Poring!


▣ My Notes
In “My Notes”, you can see all the Porings you’ve found and tips on how to find the ones you haven’t. Undiscovered Porings will be silhouetted, and give you a clue as to what to look for. 

Finding the same Poring multiple times in the wild will grant you numerous rewards!

Observe and record the many special Porings that exist in the world of Ragnarok Origin!