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21. Guide – Monster Glossary


21. Guide – Monster Glossary
To be successful while battling in the wild, it’s important to know what kinds of monsters you’re dealing with. The Monster Glossary is a database of every kind of monster you can encounter in Ragnarok Origin. 

▣ Monster Glossary
The Monster Glossary contains information on all the types of monsters in Ragnarok Origin, as well as records of the monsters you have met on your journeys. 

The “Monsters” tab is the main list of monsters. They are automatically categorized by level, but you can use the drop-down menu to filter the list by Element, Race, Size, and Type.

Tapping a monster will reveal its details on the right side, including its stats, traits (Passive, Aggressive, Neglects stealth, etc), drops, and where they can be found.

▣ Exploration Record
You can check a record of your encounters with monsters on the Exploration Record tab.
It shows the research level for all monsters, individual monsters, and monster groups.

The research level of individual monsters is shown on the right side of the screen. 
The research level of monster groups is shown on the monster’s list on the left side, which is affected by the research level of monsters on the same line. 
When the level reaches a certain level, you can get a reward. 

The research level of all monsters is shown on the gauge at the top. 
The gauge fills when you encounter monsters in the wild, increasing their research levels on the individual and the group level, as well as claiming rewards for doing so. Fill the gauge completely to get a reward!

To put it simply, the more monsters you research, the more rewards you get!

▣ Storage Cabinet
There’s a storage cabinet at the top right where all special items dropped by monsters are stored.
The special items get affected by the research level of individual monsters.
Try to get them by hunting monsters.