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19. Adventure Guides


19. Adventure Guides
The Adventure Guides are a series of tomes filled with information about your journey and the wonderful things you encounter in the world of Ragnarok Origin.

▣ Adventure Guide
The Adventure Guides are unlocked after reaching Base Level 17.
Tap the book icon labeled “Guides” at the top right to see various guides and books.
As your character levels up, there’ll be more guides and books unlocked. 


▣ Adventure Diary
The first book in your list of Guides is the Adventure Diary.
The Adventure Diary shows you missions and quests that you have accomplished, as well as quests you can accept in the future. Each section on the left contains its own set of missions.

When you open up a particular quest, you can see details about the mission as well as the rewards you can obtain. If you’re of a sufficient level, the “Tap to Go” prompt will appear, and tapping on it will immediately auto-guide your character to start the quest.

As you accomplish missions one by one, you’ll be able to complete a picture for each chapter.
Completing a chapter completes the picture and grants you rewards.
Your adventure diary is full of endless journeys, go on and explore!

▣ Achievement Reward
Completing missions and chapters grants you achievement awards.
As you complete the journal, awesome rewards will become available to you!