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17. Equipment – Forge


17. Equipment – Forge
The weapons and armors are vital to adventurers of all classes.
In this chapter, you’ll be guided on the forging of weapons and armors. 

▣ Forge - Weapons
The ability to forge weapons and armor is unlocked after clearing “The Night’s Red Lotus” quest. 

Following the quest will take you to the Equipment Shop in Prontera.
Once there, talk to NPC Roberto to learn about weapon forging.

In the weapon forge window, you will see a list of weapons suitable for your level.
Tap on the “Track Material” button to track required materials to forge the weapon. It will be available in your Quest Navigator for easy access.
Tap on the “Forge” button to create the weapon.

Taping the “?” button next to the item name allows you to check the damage per size and recommended classes to find out which weapon best suits you.

To limit the item list to weapons based on recommended builds for your class, tap the thumbs-up button next to the level selector and choose your preferred build.

Once you forge your weapon, it will be ready to equip right away!

Forge and equip new weapons and become a stronger adventurer!

▣ Forge - Armor

Forging armor is much like forging weapons.
The armor forger usually stands next to the weapon forger in any city.
In Prontera’s Equipment Shop, that would be Robito.

Like weapon forging, the armor forge window displays armor type equipment categorized by level.
Unlike the weapon forge window, it has no recommended build button.

You can track materials the same way, and once you forge your armor, you are ready to equip it!