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15. Kafra Service


15. Kafra Service
Kafra stores items and helps adventurers warp around the world of Ragnarok Origin.

▣ Kafra’s Blessing


Whenever you meet a Kafra, you can get Kafra’s Blessing.
It increases your movement speed by 15% for 4 mins.

▣ World Map Teleport
The Kafra’s teleport service will be enabled when you visited a new map for the first time.
After that, you can use the Kafra’s teleport service to move to that map directly. 


▣ Storage Service
Kafra will store your items in a separate storage space.
All Kafras in the world of Ragnarok Origin share the storage, so you don’t need to try to find the same Kafra to retrieve your stored items.

▣ Save Service 
You can save the current location as your respawn point.
Your character will move to the latest location you saved.

Kafra is always there to make your journey more convenient!