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14. Job Change – 1st Class


14. Job Change – 1st Class
Congratulations on graduating from the Novice Academy!

After graduating from the academy, adventurers will get to choose among 6 classes: Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Thief, Merchant, Archer.

In this chapter, you’ll be guided on how and where to do the 1st job change.

▣ Class
As mentioned above, all adventurers get to choose among 6 classes.

The Swordsman has strong attacks and is superior at melee combat.
The Acolyte heals comrades and buffs allies with status boosts.
The Mage controls various elements and inflicts massive damage to enemies.
The Thief attacks at a close range with stealth and poison.
The Merchant makes profits from a street stall and uses coins to attack.
The Archer is an expert at long-range combat and has high mobility on the battlefield.

Each class can change their job in different cities.
The Swordsman in the port city of Izlude,
The Acolyte in Prontera, the capital city of Rune-Midgarts Kingdom,
The Mage in the magic city of Geffen,
The Thief in the desert city of Morocc,
The Merchant in the commercial city of Alberta,
The Archer in the mountain city of Payon.

To change your job, you need to pass all the trials and tests relevant to that job.

▣ Skill Point
Skill sets are unique to each job. When you see your skill set grow, it’s easy to see how far you’ve come as an adventurer!

The skill points are used to make your skills more powerful!
You earn 1 skill point per 1 Job Level. 
If you aren’t sure which skill to choose, tap “Recommended Build” at the bottom left to have them automatically distributed for you based on your optimum choice of class build. 
If you wish to change your Skill point allocation, you can reset all points 3 times for free.
Tap on the arrow icon next to your Points counter to reset all Skill points.

▣ Bonus
You can gain additional stats from the Bonus tab as your Job Level increases.
A new Bonus is available for every 5 job levels, so don’t forget to claim it when you’re eligible!


Congratulations on your 1st job change!
We hope it enriches your journey!