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13. Growth System


13. Growth System
In the world of Ragnarok Origin, there are two different levels, the Base level, and Job level.
The required amount of EXP to level up and where to gain them are different.
In the chapter, you’ll be guided on the Base level, Job level, and status.

▣ Base Level & Job Level
You can check the EXP gauge of both Base level and Job level at the very bottom of the main screen. They are also indicated in numbers on your profile at the top left. 

Tap on your profile to check the Base level and Job level in detail.
The Base level is a basic level of your character.
You can gain the Base EXP from hunting, clearing quests, etc., and get status points whenever you level up. 

The Job level is the level of your character’s class.
You can gain Job EXP from hunting, clearing quests, etc., and get skill points whenever you level up.

When both levels reach certain points, you can change your job!

▣ Status
Each status has a different ability.

1) STR +1 increases Melee ATK+1 / Ranged ATK +0.2 / Max inventory +30 / Melee Weapon ATK +0.5%
2) AGI +1 increases FLEE +1 / Physical damage reduction +0.2 / ASPD bonus
3) VIT +1 increases Max HP +1% / Physical damage reduction +0.5 / Magical damage reduction +0.2 / HP recovery +0.2
4) INT +1 increases MATK +1.5 / Max SP +1% / Magical damage reduction +1 / SP recovery / Skill casting time reduction
5) DEX +1 increases Ranged ATK +1 / Melee ATK +0.2 / Arrow ATK +0.5% / Magical & Physical damage reduction +0.2 / HIT +1 / ASPD bonus / Skill casting time reduction
6) LUK +1 increases CRIT +0.3 / Critical resistance +0.2 / ATK +0.2 / MATK +0.3

The status point can be reset up to 3 times for free.
When you tap on “Auto-Assign”, your points will be automatically distributed according to what’s best for your class. 

Hope you have a better understanding of the Base & Job level now.
You can refer to the ability of each status before adding the points.