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12. Combat – Auto Battle


12. Combat – Auto Battle
Hunt monsters easily with the Auto Battle system!

▣ Auto Battle
The Auto Battle feature can be used starting at Base Lv.10.
Tap the Auto Battle icon next to the Compass to open its window.
At the top of the window you can check “Auto-Battle During Quest” to enable Auto-Battle while hunting on quests.
When you tap “All monsters”, your character will hunt all monsters around you.
When you choose a certain monster from the list, your character will hunt that specific monster only.

▣ Auto Battle Setting
Tap “Go to Settings” from the auto-battle window. This opens up the Idle tab on the Settings menu.
You can set up skills you want to use during auto-battle.
You can also choose the type and range of auto-battle.

▣ Potion Dispenser
Tap the Auto-Potion device in your Backpack to set it up.
The device can be obtained after completing training at Novice Academy.

Tap “+” to choose a potion to equip for auto-use. 
You can adjust the gauge of HP & SP by dragging the bar. 

Using Auto-Battle and Auto-Potion Dispenser helps you experience your adventures with ease!