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11. Combat – Manual Combat


11. Combat – Manual Combat
Get hands on with manual combat! The layout of the screen is designed so you can easily move your character with your left hand using the joystick while selecting battle moves with your right using the shortcut wheel.

▣ Skill Setting
Before you begin combat, be sure to set up your skills!
Tap the Skill icon on the upper right and select the Settings tab to adjust the Skill shortcuts on your shortcut wheel.

Drag and drop the skills from the left side to the shortcut on the right side.
This way, you can use various skills easily during manual combat.

▣ Manual Combat
You can use the attack & skill buttons on the right side of the screen during combat.
Tap on those buttons in fields to defeat monsters.
Nearby monsters will be automatically targeted and your character will start attacking.


When you select your Basic Attack, your character will continuously attack the targeted monster until you move or cast a skill. 

However, as skills have a cooldown time, you need to tap the skill buttons manually to repeatedly use them.

If you want to change the target, tap on the above button.

You can develop various attacks with manual combat. 
It could sometimes be difficult to control all the different attacks, so Auto-Battle exists to make it easier for you.