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10. Rest EXP


10. Rest EXP
It’s important to rest and recover between adventures in the world of Ragnarok Origin.
By resting, you will get bonus EXP that you can apply to future adventures!

▣ Rest EXP
Access the Rest EXP window on the top left of the screen, next to your profile info.
In the Rest EXP window, you can check your total combat time for today, as well as your available Rest EXP. 


In case you earned just a little EXP from field battle the day before, or you have leftover commission quest tickets, you can turn them into Rest EXP and you’ll be able to gain more EXP as a bonus. 

The bonus Rest EXP is calculated based on the EXP you gain only on the same day and it’ll reset at 5 AM the next day.

Once you gain any EXP when you have an available Rest EXP, it’ll be displayed as below;
- Base EXP x500 (Bonus EXP 500)
- Job EXP x500 (Bonus EXP 500)

If you’re not Fatigued, you can gain EXP and items normally from the field.
When you’re Fatigued, the battle time won’t increase. 


After 120 minutes of the accumulated battle time, you’ll go into a Fatigued state.
In a Fatigued state, you cannot gain EXP or items from field battle.
Watch out for the accumulated battle time when you’re hunting on fields.