[Notice] Patch Note on September 29th 2022


Hello Midgardians,

Temporary Maintenance is scheduled to improve the gaming environment.
As a heads up we will be starting maintenance.
Please prepare accordingly.

■ Maintenance Schedule:
Starts: 09/29 3:00 PDT (09/29 06:00 EDT)
Ends: 09/29 8:00 PDT (09/29 11:00 EDT)
■ Inspection details:
- Fixed an issue of abnormal disappearance of 60 FPS in the Frame Rate setting.
- Fixed an issue that some guild quests were unable to be completed.
- Opened Dream Coin redeem shop, and fixed the issue that Dream Coin was unable to redeem.
- Fixed an issue that some costumes' attributes were abnormal.
- Fixed an issue of abnormal viewing of some Costumes.
- Fixed an issue that teleportation point in Lutie Plain map abnormally disappeared.
- Fixed an issue that skill level bonus were unable to click.
- Fixed an issue of abnormal situations of some characters.
- Fixed an issue that pets in assist status abnormally followed a player

We apologize for the inconvenience in this matter.
We’ll see you soon in-game!